Projects for Sprint

This page represents my current employer; when this page was made, I was employed in 2017 under a 6-month contract that has been renewed multiple times.  That should change in 2022 as the company is working on bringing on key contractors into the company.

Sr. Network Infrastructure Engineering supporting VoIP, Video, LAN, MAN, WAN, Security & Wireless Architectures; roles include design, implementation, management, and monitoring for corporate headquarters and management staff.

  • Dedicated to Sprint management team support dealing with international support teams and worldwide clientele for the IT network support team
  • Deployment of Palo Alto Networks NGFW Models 850, 3250, 5220 & 5250, including Panorama management appliance and VMs (8. X.X through 10. X.X OS revisions) support
  • Supporting the Corporate network infrastructure for all departments and development teams throughout the company
  • Working with Cisco Systems Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Wireless and Servers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise switching, Aruba & Meraki Wireless equipment in day-to-day operations.
  • Roles included order management for the teams many managed circuits
  • Worked with team members across the globe in North & South America, EMEA, and Asia.
  • Ongoing Circuit and inventory audits for regulatory compliance and security initiatives

Please click on the image for an expand view in a full-size PDF.  The name of the company and IP information has been changed for identity protection.

Network Diagrams

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This is an overview diagram showing the different sites connected in the environment, with a central Data Center Hub and Spoke design.
This diagram is showing how we utilize the circuits between sites and equipment to provide seamless communications between the locations.
This is a secondary data center site deployment build - including links to primary and secondary circuits
Interconnectivity between hardware that would be located at a spoke site
This is a more detailed view of the interconnectivity of our equipment within a secondary end-user site
This is a continuation of the detailed view of the interconnectivity of our equipment within a secondary end-user sites
This is a rack layout of a Medium office (200 Users)
This is a Template for a Data Center Deployment