Project Hyster Forklift By Jason

This project was to upgrade a multisite organization that had in place legacy MPLS networking, the client already had secondary Internet for all locations most being cable or ADSL.

In this solution, I designed a network that was more resilient by allowing the four Meraki MX80s to have VPN interconnect all sites leveraging the hard drive storage in each MX 80 cache commonly used files and data to relieve network pressure at all sites.

This helped the internal IT staff who had relied on external network management companies bring in the required functions and capabilities in-house, once fully deployed the solution will allow cross-site management from the cloud and support much higher bandwidth and throughput between all locations since all the firewalls will have both MPLS and VPN tunnels interconnecting all sites.

We have also deployed wireless access points along with true gigabit PoE switches to give the customer the maximum throughput which is been an ongoing management issue at the site.

Additional request from the client was to prevent Internet access of potentially controversial and inflammatory sites that would not fall under company guidelines for suitability within the workplace, the capabilities of the MX80 firewall solution allows for filtering and bandwidth shaping to slow down that non-business material thus preventing the need to pay much more for larger types at the organization.

All of this is will lead to cost reductions and vendor reductions, while giving the trusted internal staff all the power to truly manage the network as it supposed to be.

Please click on the image for a PDF View for better quality!  The name of the client and IP information was changed for identity protection.

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