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Knight Family Newsletter 2021

Thank you for visiting our website, which we hope represents the memories from our family and a source for Jason’s Career information (Please select My Career from the menu above) for those looking for that information.

Jason is still a contractor for Verizon Connect, a contract that was supposed to last for six months has turned into three and a half years. No word on whether they’ll hire him full-time as this Covid situation goes on, but maybe…As of now, he’s been working remotely from home since last March, which has been a wonderful break from his commute to Atlanta.

All eight of the kids have now graduated from high school, and all but two of them are out there in this big world, living their lives and learning all the joys adulthood has to offer. 😊 Our last two here at home are biding their time until the world comes back into some normalcy, but they’re working and saving their money until then. Not sure how anxious we actually are to have this big house with just Jason and me in it, but it would be nice to be kid-free for just a little while.

We do have two grandsons now, Tatum and Cody. Tatum will be three in a few weeks, and Cody is seven months. I can’t believe how much we love those little stinkers!

Jason and I have no certain plans on where we’ll be now that we’re almost empty nesters. The economy plays a big factor in being what it is, so we’ll pray and wait and see where God leads us.

All-in-all, life is good, and we continue to move forward wherever we may land.

As always, God Bless,

The Knight Family

Knight Family Newsletter 2018

We are going on 9 years here in Cumming, GA! Jason is at Verizon Connect, a Verizon subsidiary in Brookhaven (Atlanta, GA). I am taking courses to be a certified medical billing specialist.

We are also losing the kids one-by-one as they graduate from high school and move out on their own. We are down to the last two, Tyler is taking college courses at Gwinnett Tech and working at Barns and Nobel bookstore. Andrew is the last one in high school and “dealing with it” and having some fun. Adam & Crystle, Ryan & Haily and soon to be Sarah & AJ are the married sets we have going.

As usual, we are just plugging along and this will be updated later this year to bring more information about our family.

As always God Bless,

The Knight Family

Knight Family Newsletter 2013

We are going on 4 years here in Cumming, GA and life is pretty good. Jason is still working very hard for Tiverity. He works long hours and a lot of weekends but still manages to be an awesome dad and great husband. I am still a stay-at-home-mom but have been looking for work for several months now, to no avail. I’m trying to stick to our area but may have to venture out further. However, with the economy and gas prices, it would really have to be worth it!

We are also slowly but surely losing the kids one-by-one as they graduate from high school and move out on their own. Ryan graduated in 2011 and is now living in Princeton, IN (about 45 minutes from Santa Claus) and working at the Toyota plant there. Alina graduated last year and is attending the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, about 30 minutes from Ryan. Adam is still a general manager for 24 Hour Fitness in San Diego and making their company lots of money!

We still have 5 left at home, but those days are short numbered with the 2012-13 school year almost over. Sarah will be 18 soon and a senior next year. The twins, Alex & Daniel, just turned 16 and will be juniors. Tyler also just turned 14 and will be starting high school, and our “baby” Andrew will be in middle school! So no more kids in even elementary school! In some ways it’s nice that they’re all growing up and becoming great people, however, it’s still a little painful when they leave home and need you less-and-less. So far though, the 3 that have left home are doing so wonderful and it gives us great hope that the others will do as well.

Jason and I hope to move back to Santa Claus eventually, but not until we have the last of the kids graduated from the high school here. We told them that we would do everything we could to not move them again until then, so we’ll be here at least another 8 years unless God has other plans. And as we’ve seen firsthand on many occasions, our plans have definitely been directed down another course many times!

As always God Bless,

The Knight Family

Knight Family Newsletter 2009

We are now living in Cumming, GA. We were hoping to stay in Santa Claus, Indiana and we tried but the job opportunities were very limited for southern Indiana and he needed to look outside the area and found a position in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cumming, Georgia is a suburb of Atlanta about 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta, the kids are all in school and doing very well. We looked for a few months and found the closest area near Atlanta that had the highest test scores at the high schools in the area.

I think this area is even more beautiful than Indiana due to the climate and it has mountains that you can see from the home. The home we are in now has more room but less land but since no one seems to like to mow it should work out just fine. We are about 15 Minutes from Lake Lanier (Largest Man-Made lake done by US Army Corp of Engineers).

Jason enjoys working for Tiverity, an Atlanta company that was formed in 2002 has contracts with US Government and Health Care companies. They are so professional compared to other places he has worked he says.

As always God Bless,

The Knight Family

Knight Family Newsletter 2008

Well, as you all know, we are now living in Santa Claus, Indiana. I know we thought we were going to Washington, but God had another plan for us! 🙂 I have to tell you though, Indiana was nowhere on our radar! However, we all absolutely love it here! It is just beautiful with rolling hills, patches of forests all around us, lakes, farms with cows, and even buffalo and alpaca! ( I have no idea if I spelled that right.) We love our new house which is nearly 3 times bigger than our house in San Diego-literally! We live in a gated community (Christmas Lake Village) and every day we drive along side our beautiful lake named Christmas Lake, of course! It’s also nice to not have every house look the same, in fact, everyone is different! Oh, and I have to mention all the animals we see: raccoons, squirrels, coyotes, turtles just walking across the road, and a variety of birds like I’ve never seen, and my favorite, the deer. However, I’m scared to death I’m going to hit one while I’m driving! I always joke that our back yard is like a Disney movie with the deer walking through the forest, birds chirping, squirrel running up the trees, and even bunnies hopping around! I’m not lying either! I keep waiting for Snow White to step out of the forest and break out in song any minute!! 🙂 Let me tell you, this beats the gangs, helicopters flying over our house, a million people at Wal Mart, and the price of housing in San Diego hands down. I don’t think there are more than 25 kids in any of the kids’ schools, which is so nice compared to AT LEAST 30! It truly is beautiful and such a great place to raise our brood.

Speaking of which…the kids have adjusted wonderfully. Ryan is about 6’2″, 15, and in the 9th grade. Alina is just about an inch shorter than me and is so pretty that is scares the heck out of me! She’s 14, and 8th grader and gets practically straight A’s. Sarah is still a shorty, but getting prettier every day and I hate it! How am I gonna keep all the guys away from these two?? She’s 13 and will be in middle school this fall. Elementary is K-6th here. Alex and Daniel are 11, 5th graders, and growing like crazy. Alex wants to try out for cheerleading, which I think she’ll make because she’s a really good gymnast. We’re putting all our money on Daniel to make it to the NFL. He’s an awesome running back and even caught a pass thrown by Jay Cutler! Tyler is 9, so smart and such a sweetie. He’s the sensitive one in the house. And lastly, our BABY, Andrew! And let me tell you, he’ll be the baby even when he’s 30 and 6’5″! We’re all just terrible at babying him, but none of us can help it! And he’s 7!! I know, it’s pathetic.

My mom is getting ready to take a trip back to California to visit my grandparents and Adam. Then she’ll be off to Phoenix to visit friends and then Albuquerque to visit some of our extended family. It’s a break that she really needs. Taking care of all these kids is very tiring, and she’s just not into it like a “grandma” should be. Everything changes when you have 7 kids to raise and you don’t get to play just the grandma role. I think the break will do her wonders.

Jason and I are here. Existing. Our lives are kids, the kids’ sports, the kids’ doctor appointments, the kids’ homework, taking care of the kids when they’re sick, doing laundry and feeding the kids, and helping the kids with their endless homework and projects. Not much time for me and Jason to do anything, really. We hope that it won’t be so mundane until the kids are grown and gone, but right now they are all still pretty young. However, they are able to help out and they do. Everyone down to Andrew has chores, except it’s a real pain in the wallet to pay them all allowance!

All-in-all everyone is well, healthy, and thriving. I’m so thankful for our new house and for living in such a beautiful place.

As always God Bless,

The Knight Family

Knight Family Newsletter 2005

Here’s a little bit more about our family.

Jason and I have been married since April 18, 1998. I was previously married and had my son, Ryan. Jason adopted Ryan on May 17, 2000, so that is how Ryan became a Knight. Our son, Tyler, was born on February 23, 1999. Our third son, Andrew, was born May 22, 2001, and much to his mama’s dismay will be our last child. Don’t you think three is enough? Although we’d both love to have a daughter, there are no guarantees that would happen and the three boys keep us plenty busy!

Ryan is currently in the 7th grade and already 5’5″. It’ll be so weird to see him pass me by! He is a really good student and loves school. When basketball season starts up again he’ll be playing again soon. He’s a sports nut and pretty much loves anything with a ball. Although his computer and X-Box, GameCube, and PlayStation all take up his time too!

Tyler turned six on the 23rd of February and is a very busy little boy. He’s the most loving out of the three boys and is one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. He is Ryan’s shadow whenever they’re together and copies everything Ryan does. He is also a great big brother to our Andrew and makes him laugh daily. He just started 1st grade and as much as he loves people I know he’ll have a great year.

Andrew is 4 now and is definitely the baby around here. Everyone loves him though and spoils him, we just hope we haven’t created a monster! He’s a happy little guy who gets tons of attention from everyone. He’s in preschool and is thriving. It just makes me sad that my last baby is in school!

Jason’s so good with our boys and just the other night I went in the office to find him, Ryan, and Tyler all on their computers! Like father like sons! I hope they’re all just like him.

Since last August we have added a few people to the house; my mom, Carol, Adam who is 17 and a Sr. in high school, Alina who is 11 and in the 6th grade, Shahara who is 10 and a 4th grader, and lastly Alexandra and Daniel who is 8 and in the 3rd grade. As you can imagine we have a house-load of people but we have finally worked out routines and life runs pretty smoothly…most of the time! The hardest part is getting everyone’s homework done and their reading, but mom, Jason, Ryan, and Alina all help out so we get it done. The biggest chore and expense is mealtime! You wouldn’t believe how many chicken nuggets I have to cook for 8 kids!!! Thank goodness for Costco and buying-in-bulk!

I’m still here at home constantly doing laundry, dishes, and homework, just to name a few! But, I love being here with my family, all of them. I wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world. I get a little sentimental thinking that Andrew will be my last baby so I am extra grateful that he and I have our afternoons after preschool to hang out together. God has so richly blessed me with a wonderful husband, three happy, healthy boys, and all of the rest of the bunch.

We’ve also managed to add two cats to our family. Gizmo and Taco (my Mom’s cat) We have had Gizmo since he was a kitten and then Taco arrived, they get along great.

Well, we’ll try to keep this updated at least once a YEAR (I’ve tried once a month and it doesn’t work). We’ve bought a new digital camera and camcorder we’re getting better at taking pictures…we’re terrible at it! We hope this finds you all healthy and happy. God bless.

As always God Bless,

The Knight Family